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After five years of tireless research and countless formulations, Ateh Jewel has developed a revolutionary inclusive blush formula that defies convention. Unlike traditional blushes, Ateh Jewel Beauty Blush of Dreams is pigment-packed, boasting a remarkable over 90% natural, silicone-free, vegan and cruelty-free formula that’s enriched with skin-loving ingredients.


Out debut collection features three captivating shades


Love Plum Plum

Watson Watermelon

Radiant Rav


The bespoke formulation has been meticulously crafted to enhance and POP on all skin tones. Unlike mainstream brands that use talc or white pigments, Ateh Jewel Beauty Blushes seamlessly blend for a healthy, fresh, and truly glowing from within colour. By discarding the unrealistic notion of white as a base colour, Ateh Jewel Beauty has prioritised the essence of blush, unleashing a full spectrum glow that exudes confidence, encapsulating the spirit of self-expression, inclusivity and celebration.


To ensure maximum hydration and nourishment, each blush is infused with skin-loving ingredients such as plant oils, aloe vera, cocoa butter, marshmallow extract, jojoba and sustainably sourced squalane. This versatile multi-use product can be playfully used on cheeks, lips and eyes, to effortlessly create a myriad of looks.


"Ateh Jewel Beauty is my love letter to my 15-year-old self who always felt I was on the outside looking into the beauty world. I wanted to create a brand where every skin tone is celebrated, and where joy, glamour, and playfulness are at the core. Blush, to me, represents embracing your inner artist, expressing yourself, and living your best life."

- Ateh Jewel, Founder

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